Ristorante da Fabio – via del Cestello 2/a Bologna [Italy] – tel+


On the corner between via Castiglione and via del Cestello, three steps take you into two rooms of Ristorante da Fabio. Intimate, cozy with a clientele of friends, artists and professionals that all share good taste, not only for good cuisine but also for life- lived to the fullest.

Since 1974 Fabio invented a personal style of catering and serving guests that calibrate professionalism with a natural dose of good humor that continue to distinguish this restaurant of both family tradition and international fame.


A large selection of quality products distinguish an offer of hot appetizers including meat, vegetables and cheese served in succession to your table followed by first and second courses that vary according to season. Concluding the meal is a fabulous selection of deserts that are brought to the table. In 1974 Fabio used intuition to first innovate a gastronomic tradition in the restaurant by combining Bolognese cuisine with ideas from characteristic recipes originating from other Italian regions. This is the distinctive style that makes it successful today.


A good choice of labels from famous cellars to satisfy the most demanding clientele. Our wine menu


In the center of Bologna in via del Cestello.
 A street full of history, where three centuries ago there was a Prince’s bridge that crossed the Aposa river, in an area dappled with gardens and churches owned by friars near the convent of San Domenico. The street that faces the convent has the name Cestello, at the intersection of Via Castiglione, because the Cistercensi monks from Citreaux settled there, (from Latin ‘cistercium’, ‘cistello’, basket of bread) and constructed the church of Santa Maria del Cestello.

Ristorante da Fabio by A. Cavalieri
via del Cestello 2/a- 40124 Bologna -I
tel +39 051 22 04 81 fax +39 051 23 00 88 (active after 18:00)

The restaurant is open Monday to Saturday from 8pm.

Sundays sorry we are closed.

For eventual special requests for opening during closed hours, a minimum of 20 people is required.
If you want to reserve a table with less than 24 hours notice, please call the following number +39 051 220481.

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